Learn how you can easily leverage
Micro-Internships to support your efforts.  

Even in this dynamic environment, a remote Micro-Internship program can be a scalable solution to connect with students and support your employees.

Watch the replay to learn how organizations are engaging college students on short-term, remote projects to address these needs.

We'll share how you can use Micro-Internships to:

  • Provide immediate resources to hiring managers
  • Remotely build or expand your talent pool on campus 
  • Effectively assess candidates through mutual auditions
  • Enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Improve conversion, retention, and other key metrics

Regardless of being in times of disruption, a Micro-Internship program can be launched in a matter of days, engaging future talent without adding to your workload.

Presented by:

Jeffrey Moss

Jeffrey Moss
Founder & CEO
Parker Dewey


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