Sample Projects

You can have any of these projects completed by a current student or alum. Once you create an account, clicking the project name will take you to the Parker Dewey platform to customize and post your project.

Content Creation
Content Creation

When you have content ideas but no time for the first pass, look to the research and writing skills of college students.

Social Media Content Calendar
Social Media Content Calendar

Engage a student to create a social media content calendar with two posts per day for the next month.

Content Marketing Collateral
Content Marketing Collateral

A boot camp student or recent grad can design content marketing collateral for various upcoming events and campaigns.

Social Media Engagement Feedback
Social Media Engagement Feedback

Allow a student to review postings on various social media sites and summarize key takeaways.

Data Cleansing
Data Cleansing

Have some data that needs to be cleansed, but no time to do it? A boot camp student or recent grad can help!

SEO Support
SEO Support

Engage a boot camp student or recent grad to help you identify how to improve your website's SEO.

Email Campaign Creation
Email Campaign Creation

Collaborate with a student to create a series of emails to promote an upcoming initiative/product.

Lead Generation
Lead Generation

A boot camp student or recent grad can help you identify key contacts at prospective customers so you can focus on other priorities.

Create Your Own Micro-Internship
Create Your Own Project

Don't see your ideal project? Write your own. Specify the number of hours, compensation, and any prior requirements needed to complete the assignment.

What are Micro-Internships?

Micro-Internships are short-term, professional assignments that are similar to those given to recent college grads or interns. Not only is this a great way to support our students, but it also provides immediate support and complements your organization’s campus recruiting efforts.

  • Projects typically require 10-40 hours and can be bundled to create a longer-term experience.
  • Each project has a discrete deliverable, making it easier for companies and Career Launchers to evaluate outcomes.
  • Services are available year-round as needed.
  • Micro-Internships provide an easy way for Career Launchers to build authentic relationships with organizations, alumni and recruiters.

While we were focused on just getting some help on a project, we quickly realized that the student was incredible, and ultimately hired her as a summer intern. We saw her work ethic and skills, and got an inside track on hiring her.

This is the 'anti-staffing firm.' I set the price for the assignment, picked who I wanted, and when I decided to hire her, there were no fees.

Not only did the Career Launcher shine, he excelled. He took the brand to a new level and challenged our group to think outside the box. Could not have been more pleased or grateful for the opportunity to work with this motivated individual. It's all about opportunity and Parker Dewey gives students exactly that. I look forward to our next project!

How It Works

Creating an account takes under five minutes—with no additional paperwork required.
Post a project

Post your project
Career Launchers apply

2U-powered program students and recent grads apply
Review applicants

Choose from applicants
Work gets done

The work gets done
Immediate Support

The short-term nature makes it easy for you to leverage Micro-Internships, while allowing busy students to complete assignments around their schedules.


Through these short-term, professional assignments, the company and students can mutually assess fit prior to committing to a longer-term relationship.


Micro-Internships allow the company to expand their access to potential candidates, while providing pathways for students from all backgrounds.