CincyTech Projects

CincyTech Projects provide opportunities for college students to engage CincyTech and our portfolio companies on short-term assignments that can have a direct impact on our startups' success. Beyond the immediate benefits, our projects help build relationships between highly-motivated students and emerging Cincinnati companies.

What are CincyTech projects?

CincyTech projects are short-term, professional assignments that are similar to those given to recent college grads or interns.

  • Meaningful to the growth potential of our portfolio

  • Typically require 10-40 hours
  • Have a discrete deliverable
  • Available year-round as needed

  • Provides an easy way for college students to get startup experience and build relationships with high growth companies


See examples

While we were focused on just getting some help on a project, we quickly realized that the student was incredible, and ultimately hired her as a summer intern. We saw her work ethic and skills, and got an inside track on hiring her.

This is the 'anti-staffing firm.' I set the price for the assignment, picked who I wanted, and when I decided to hire her, there were no fees.

Not only did the Career Launcher shine, he excelled. He took the brand to a new level and challenged our group to think outside the box. Could not have been more pleased or grateful for the opportunity to work with this motivated individual. It's all about opportunity and Parker Dewey gives students exactly that. I look forward to our next project!



Micro-Internships allow companies to expand their access to potential candidates, while providing pathways for college students from all backgrounds.



Through these short-term, professional assignments companies and college students can mutually assess fit prior to committing to a longer-term relationship.

As needed

As needed

The short-term nature makes it easy for professionals to leverage Micro-Internships, while allowing college students to complete assignments around their schedules.