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Learn how Micro-Internships let you engage, assess, and hire college students more effectively, on-demand, and without adding to your workload.

Whether you're looking to fill vacant spots in your upcoming summer internship cohort, exploring new ways to engage students, or could use help now in getting more done without the hassle of paperwork or long-term commitments, Micro-Internships are a scalable solution.

  • Get work off your plate
  • Test-drive potential entry-level hires
  • Build your early-career pipeline
  • Access diverse talent
  • Lower cost-per-hire with zero risks

After the event, you'll understand:

  • how Micro-Internships work,
  • examples of the types of projects students can complete, and
  • how these paid, short-term projects create equitable access to professional careers in our community.

We'll also share information on funds that allow you to engage qualifying students at no cost to you.

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Thumbs Up for Parker Dewey_Taller
After a pilot to explore how we could integrate Micro-Internships into our hiring process, we're now expanding the program and collaborating with managers to promote this skills-centered approach.

Karen Lutz,

Vice President Talent and Leadership Development,


There’s no reason why any company should not be using Micro-Internships. It is the easiest way to add value to the organization by getting some projects completed, giving students the opportunity to learn, and being cost-effective.

Alison Keefe,

Global Director of Emerging Talent ,


I knew I wanted to be mindful of costs without jeopardizing quality and through Parker Dewey, it was low-risk too!

Yvette Roman,

Founder & Owner,

Ellipsis Construction

I loved the philanthropic impact of giving someone real experience in a live production environment. It was a win-win to provide opportunities for professional development while getting on-demand support.

Paolo Sambrano,

Business Solutions Designer,

Common Sense Media

You can interview, but you don’t really know how you’ll work with a person until you actually work with them. With this, you get to try someone for 20 hours and make sure your working styles match!

Bhavana Singh,

Founder and CEO,

Three Moons Consulting

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A campus recruiter receives praise from her team after introducing Micro-Internships to her organization.