Micro-Internships for First & Second-Year Students

    Centering your recruiting efforts on upper-level students? It’s time to expand your focus.

    Parker Dewey’s forthcoming 2022 Campus Student Sentiment survey underscores the importance of reaching students earlier in their academic careers. 72% of students surveyed indicated that they started thinking about career planning during freshman and sophomore years, with half also reporting that they would’ve started even earlier with the right opportunities.

    The impact on early-career recruiting: Waiting to expose first- and second-year students until later on causes companies to miss out on talented early-career professionals who are eager to employ their skills and be an asset to organizations.

    So how can companies start building relationships with first- and second-year students? Join us for a 30-minute session, where we'll cover how connecting with these students benefits companies and talent alike. 

    About our panelists:

    Yonas Kemal_Circular Headshot


    Yonas Kemal 

    Class of 2024 Business Administration & Public Policy Major, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill 

    Alison Keefe_Headshot


    Alison Keefe
    Director, Emerging Talent at Smith+Nephew

    Danielle Rueger-Miroewski_Headshot


    Moderated by:

    Danielle Rueger-Miroewski
    Partner Engagement Specialist at Parker Dewey

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