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If your company is utilizing gig platforms, considering expanding the use of freelancers, or just curious about the implications of the gig economy, watch our webinar replay learn the benefits and the risks to your business.

This one-hour conversation provides practical information for Human Resources and Procurement professionals, as well as hiring managers and team members working directly with contractors.

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Join Liane Scult, Sr. Freelance Program Manager at Microsoft, and Jeffrey Moss, Founder and CEO of Parker Dewey for a discussion on all things gigs. Jeffrey and Liane provide an overview of the pros and cons of different gig models for business, legal risks and societal implications, the benefits of gigs as a recruiting pathway, and how to "projectize" work effectively into gigs.

Hear perspectives from:

liane-scult Liane Scult
Sr. Freelance Program Manager
Jeffrey Moss

Jeffrey Moss
Founder and CEO
Parker Dewey