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Goucher Funded Micro-Internships

Goucher Micro-Internships are short-term professional projects that are done remotely. These projects will be hosted and mentored by Goucher alumnae/i and are just for Goucher students. Program will be powered by Parker Dewey.


Goucher Micro-Internships offer students an opportunity to gain career-related work experience to demonstrate skills and explore career options, as well as build their networks. Goucher Micro-Internships will be funded through micro-awards (thanks to donors who make this possible) at $500 for a 40-hour project and $312.50 for a 25-hour project as funding permits.


Goucher Micro-Internships are part of the Internship Accelerator, a program to offer every Goucher student transformative learning experiences by providing a structured, scaffolded approach to internships. The target of this program will be Goucher sophomores seeking introductory professional experience.

The projects will be completed during Winter Break – January 3-28, 2022. Please be thoughtful about your availability to mentor your students.

If you can provide a project beyond the scope of the Goucher Micro-Internships program, please consider posting a traditional length (2-3 months) internship. Please click here to learn more.


How to Host a Goucher Micro-Intern

Click on one of the tiles below (25/40) to see sample projects that Goucher students can complete for your organization.  Clicking on the name of a sample project will take you to the Parker Dewey platform where you can edit and post your Micro-Internship. 


You can also post a custom Goucher Micro-Internship.  If so, when posting your project, use 25 or 40 hours and $312.50 or $500 when estimating your project's duration and cost.


Save your project as a Draft so that it can be reviewed before it is visible to students.  You will not receive an invoice for a Goucher Micro-Internship as this program is funded by fellow Goucher College alumnae/i.


If you have any questions, please reach out to goucher@parkerdewey.com.  


Post your project
October 15, 2021

Deadline for host project submissions via Parker Dewey (intern not

November 1, 2021

Deadline for student applications. Hosts may begin hiring/selection process via Parker Dewey

December 1, 2021

Deadline for hosts to select intern(s) and indicate selection in Parker Dewey

January 28, 2022

Deadline for students to complete Micro-Internship projects and hosts to notify Parker Dewey of completion