How Micro-Internships Will Change Your Hiring Strategy for the Better

We’ve heard it time and time again—selecting the right college student or recent grad for an entry level role is becoming increasingly difficult.

Filtering algorithms and assessments cannot differentiate a good candidate from a great one, and interviews are insufficient to identify the best fit for a company.

To address this challenge, Micro-Internships have emerged, building upon the acceptance of freelance models to provide an innovative tool to enhance your hiring strategy, while also providing immediate support for hiring managers.

The concept is simplesee potential talent in action while getting valuable projects done.

Entry-Level-Hiring-GuideTo help you, we scoured thousands of job posts to identify the top ten entry-level jobs, analyze the descriptions for core skills, and compiled:

  • Micro-Internship assignments for each role
  • Tips on selecting Career Launchers
  • Templates to assess candidates after the work is completed

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