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10-Hour Micro-Internship Templates

Each of the projects below are expected to take a student about 10 hours to complete. Clicking the project name will take you to the Parker Dewey platform where you can customize and post your Micro-Internship.

Post a Custom Project

Click on the link above to create your own project. If you need help, please reach out at partners@parkerdewey.com.

Content Creation

Student will research and draft a short article/blog on a specific topic that you will provide. The student will reference outside sources in the article, and carefully edit the final product.

Data Clean-Up

Provide a student with a dataset and have them remove duplicates, update outdated records, and ensure there is consistent formatting.

Presentation Refresh

Student will update a PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation into a new template that you provide.

Email Marketing Campaign Development

Engage a student in developing a series of emails to help promote an upcoming initiative and drive engagement.

User Experience Testing

Get another perspective on the usability of your website. A student can provide feedback and suggestions on what you can improve.

SWOT Analysis

Have a student identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for three companies within your company’s industry.

Social Media Engagement Feedback

Ask a student to review postings on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites that reference your company and then prepare a report summarizing key areas of feedback.

Competitive Analysis

Are your competitors providing customer incentives that you’re not? Have a college student research and compare your product’s market.

Job Specifications Review

Make sure your company’s job descriptions are on par with the industry standard. Let a micro-intern analyze and compare this essential data.

Mystery Shopping

Is it difficult getting unbiased customer service feedback? Have a student anonymously record answers from your customer service team.

Company Summaries

Let a college student condense essential company info for up to 20 companies into a one-page summary to always have on hand.