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20-Hour Micro-Internship Templates

Each of the projects below are expected to take a student about 20 hours to complete. Clicking the project name will take you to the Parker Dewey platform where you can customize and post your Micro-Internship.

Post a Custom Project

Click on the link above to create your own project. If you need help, please reach out at partners@parkerdewey.com.

Website Updates

Have a student assist with making various changes to a website. This could include reformatting pages, revising text, changing images, and more.

Social Media Content Calendar

Engage a student in creating a social media content calendar. The posts should have a good mix of thought leadership, informational, and promotional content (which we will provide).

Market Research

Utilize a college student’s thorough research skills to conduct a market analysis for your industry.

Diversity Best Practices

Diversity and inclusion are essential now more than ever. Have a student develop a diversity best practices manual for your organization.

Job Board Support

Have a student develop and manage the posting of five open positions including promoting it on social media and screening initial applicants.

Reviewing/Ranking Resumes

Reviewing job candidates' resumes can be time consuming. Let a student save you time by reviewing and ranking these resumes.

Community Relations

Allow a student to help you create and maintain a positive presence within your local community. This may include drafting content for local publications and social media, event planning, and/or strategic outreach.

Prospect Research

Identifying new prospects can be time-consuming, so have a student research and segment lead generation lists.

Lead Generation

Do you need to identify new leads but can’t find the extra time? Have a student take on this essential task for you.

Update User Manual

Have a student update the user manual to reflect recent changes made to product specifications and features.

Developing Technical Documentation

Leverage a student's technical skills and attention to detail in developing or revising your technical documents or presentations.