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40-Hour Micro-Internship Templates

Each of the projects below are expected to take a student about 40 hours to complete. Clicking the project name will take you to the Parker Dewey platform where you can customize and post your Micro-Internship.

Post a Custom Project

Click on the link above to create your own project. If you need help, please reach out at partners@parkerdewey.com.

Marketing Collateral

Tap into a college student’s creativity to develop promotional materials for your company or organization.

Website Development

Engage a student in designing a new website for your company using a popular CMS (e.g. WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc.) and migrate the content from your existing site to the new site.

Book Editing

Harness a student's attention to detail and writing skills to provide editorial support for an upcoming publication.

White Paper Development

Student will provide support in the development of a white paper on a specific topic pertaining to the company's industry.

Website Security Review

Student will review a website to identify potential security vulnerabilities, outline what they are and provide recommendations as to how to fix them.

App Security Review

Engage a student in reviewing your app to identify potential security vulnerabilities and options on how to mitigate the risk.

Connecting to an API

Have an eager student develop an application programming interface (API) script that will interface and pull information from a site.