Once the Career Launcher has finished your project, you should mark the project as completed through your dashboard. A COMPLETE PROJECT button will be added to your project's dropdown window. You should click this button to notify Parker Dewey that your project is finished.  This will ensure that the Career Launcher is added to the payroll for that month.

Company complete project from dashboard (marked)

Once you click COMPLETE PROJECT, you will be taken to a page where you can leave feedback on your Career Launcher. We encourage you to leave feedback as it is quite helpful for the Career Launcher's professional development. 

Company leave feedback small marked-1


After clicking LEAVE FEEDBACK, you will be prompted to fill out a brief evaluation on your Career Launcher. The scale for the evaluation is "Expect More from an Intern or New Hire" through "Executed like an Industry Veteran". You can also leave comments for the student as well as a confidential note to Parker Dewey. Once you're finished leaving feedback, click SUBMIT FEEDBACK at the bottom.