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Pre-Scoped Projects for HubSpot Clients

Start by creating an account on Parker Dewey, then define your project or use any of the templates below!

Email Campaign Creation

Create a multi-stage email campaign on a specific topic using HubSpot’s email tool.

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Social Media Content Calendar
Social Media Content Calendar

Create a social media content calendar for a specified timeframe using HubSpot’s Social Media tool.

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Website Content Creation
Website Content Creation

Research and draft an article or blog on a specific topic using HubSpot’s CMS tool.

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Woman connecting cellphone and laptop computer
SEO Support

Use HubSpot’s SEO tools to identify opportunities to improve a website's SEO.

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keyboard typing
CRM Data Cleansing

Review HubSpot CRM data provided and make updates as directed.

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woman looking at computer
Workflow Automation Support

Assess, design, and optimize processes or campaigns using HubSpot’s automation tools.

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lead generation
Lead Generation

Identify a specified number of leads (companies/contacts) that fall under an ideal customer profile.

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create your own
Create Your Own Project

Don't see your ideal project? Write your own!

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About HubSpot's Micro-Internship Program

HubSpot's Micro-Internship Program, sponsored by the Education Partner Program in partnership with Parker Dewey, connects HubSpot Customers and Solutions Partners with students to complete short-term (15-20 hour) projects that solve real business challenges. 

These projects support students' career exploration, expand pathways to economic growth, and allow your teams to increase productivity and student engagement. 

For a limited time, HubSpot will cover the full cost of your first Micro-Intern project (up to $350) for new customers and partners. We will also provide a credit for your second project. The more Micro-Interns you hire, the more we work with you to create the best matches! 

Current Eligibility Requirements 

Clients must be (1) on a paid HubSpot software plan and (2) a "good fit" client. 

Important Note: If you are a customer who participated in the 2023 Micro-Internship program, you are not eligible to receive this year's cost-sharing benefits. Please review program FAQs to learn more. 

Cost-Sharing Benefit

HubSpot is committed to helping you get more done while working with excellent students.

  • Project #1: HubSpot will cover the full cost of your first Micro-Internship project. Up to $350 for a maximum of 20 hours of work. (new customers and partners only)
  • Project #2: HubSpot will provide a $175 credit toward hiring your second Micro-Intern and your company will pay the remaining $175. The project must be $350 net to the student. (new customers and partners only)
  • Project #3+: Your company will pay the full cost of Micro-Internship projects and opportunities to become a "Preferred Early Talent Partner" become available.

Program Affiliation

When posting your project, be sure to add the HubSpot Education Partner affiliation so only eligible students can apply. See screenshot below:


Review additional details in the program FAQs

Need help getting started?

Learn more about this program from our webinar replay or follow along with this 2-minute walkthrough to post your first project.

For additional assistance, contact Parker Dewey.