The Business Case for Hiring Interns

Hiring an intern is a perfect way to make your organization more productive because interns can complete tasks that don't require the knowledge and skills that your full time employees have. This productivity boost is easily demonstrable by focusing on the opportunity cost of each project. Listing out these costs easily shows the decision makers in your organization the value of an intern.

How to use this template:

This template will help you and your team better understand time spent on tasks that while important, are not the best use of your time. If after completing the table you are still on the fence, considering a Micro-Internship for a no-risk way to work with a Career Launcher on a project-basis. After piloting a Micro-Internship you may decide to offer more one-off projects or create a standard, semester-long internship. 

Check out our list of example projects to help you complete the Demonstrating Need for an Internship template.

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