How to Give Feedback to Interns

Giving feedback to interns is a critical component to program success. The first step is to create an Internship Plan to help guide you through discussions. But the most valuable feedback comes from coaching and mentoring that you can provide. To do this, use our best practice template to evaluate interns at the completion of each project. 

How to use this template:

For all Micro-Internship assignments hosted on the Parker Dewey platform, this evaluation and feedback is built-in once marking the project as complete.

For ongoing internships, we recommend completing the scorecard for each project completed by an intern as a way to provide ongoing feedback while getting a Career Launcher up to speed.

Along with these measures, you should also check-in with your intern  to discuss how their projects impact the company, how they would rate performance on the projects they’ve worked on, and if they have any thoughts on how to improve processes.

For more tips on mentoring, read our blog post 4 Ways You Can Mentor Even If You're Busy.