The DeBruce Foundation along with the Kansas Board of Regents and the Kansas Department of Commerce are pleased to offer funded Micro-Internships to eligible Kansas based employers.
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Funded Micro-Internships for Kansas Organizations

As part of the Kansas Board of Regents’ “Building a Future” strategic plan, Kansas-based organizations can hire college students for fully funded short-term, paid, professional projects.
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About This Program 

Together with The DeBruce Foundation, Kansas Board of Regents, and the Kansas Department of Commerce, Micro-Internships enable Kansas-based companies and non-profit organizations to engage with college students on short-term, paid, professional projects. While these tasks may not be the best use of your time, highly-motivated college students are excited to exceed your expectations. 

Beyond immediate support, Micro-Internships further our commitment to inclusion by ensuring equitable pathways to professional roles for early-career candidates from all backgrounds. Through these projects, undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in a Kansas public two-year college or four-year university gain valuable, professional experiences to help launch their careers.

As part of this program, the first Micro-Internship you provide is fully funded up to $500.  Once the initial project has been verified and approved, up to $500 of the project cost will be covered by the micro-grant funding provided by the DeBruce Foundation and the Kansas Department of Commerce. The KMI micro-grants will last until the funding has been exhausted. For more information contact Tim Peterson, Senior Project Director, at

To get started, select a project template or complete the form with your project request below.

Students and recent graduates can get professional experience by completing Micro-Internships.

Featured Projects

You can have any of these projects completed by a student enrolled in a 2 or 4-year public college or university in Kansas. Clicking the project name will take you over to the Parker Dewey platform and allow you to make edits before posting your project request. Additionally, you can also use the form below to connect with the Parker Dewey team about a custom request or to ask any questions.

Lead Generation

Identify 25 companies/contacts in a defined market that fall under our ideal customer profile. Once identified, provide the company name and contact information (name, position, phone, and verified email) for key decision makers.

Prospect Research

Research and segment lead generation lists (approximately 100 individuals) based upon past interaction on our website and email engagement. Deliverables include name, company, role, and contact information.

Market Research

Create a market analysis for a specific industry. As part of this, determine and provide details on existing companies in the space. In addition, determine trends associated with the growth of the space and key drivers of success or failure.

Data Cleansing

Provide a student with a dataset and have them remove duplicates, update outdated records, and ensure there is consistent formatting. Students can work to ensure data quality by verifying its integrity and making sure it is complete.

Social Media Content Calendar

Create a social media content calendar with 2 posts per day for the next month. The posts should have a good mix of thought leadership, informational, and promotional content (which we will provide). In addition, we would also like you to curate and interact with social media content as well.

Sourcing Candidates

Provide a student with a job description and have them identify 25 candidates they think would be good for the position. The student provides a brief justification as to why they selected these specific candidates, as well as potential questions for each to use in an interview.

Diversity Best Practices

Assist in the development of a diversity best practices manual. Identify between 10 and 20 thoughtful articles that highlight the importance of diversity in organizations, best practices, and potential challenges. Summarize key points in a single document.

Content Creation

Research and draft a 1,200-1,600 word article/blog on a specific topic we will provide. The article should be consistent with existing articles posted on our website and other marketing channels. Reference at least two outside sources in the article, and carefully edit the final product.

Email Marketing Campaign

Develop a series of 3-5 emails to help promote an upcoming initiative. The emails will be sent out sequentially and should play off each other to drive engagement.

Extracting Insights from Data

Review and manipulate a data set that will be provided. After reviewing the data, provide a summary of actionable insights they have extracted.

KPI and Trends Report

Using financial, location, product, assortment, and/or other data, prepare a report to highlight key KPIs and trends.

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Click on the link above to create your own project. You can determine the project scope, deadlines, and other details. If you need help, please reach out at

How it Works

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Post your project using the templates above or outline your own.
Career Launchers apply
Kansas undergraduate students apply.
Select who you want
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The work gets done
The work gets done, you provide feedback.

Questions? Custom Project Request?

Micro-Internship projects serve as a bridge to future employment opportunities and may help your organization find its next great hire, or just help you get support now!

Companies who do not meet funding criteria or are not interested in the funding are still encouraged to post a project to connect with highly-motivated students across Kansas.

This program seeks to help better serve Kansas families, Kansas businesses, and the state's economic prosperity.

Tim Peterson, Ph.D.

Senior Project Director

Kansas Board of Regents

Micro-Internships are the hot topic on my resume! No doubt!

Zach Kahtava

Class of 2020

University of Kansas

We were so impressed with the student and with the Micro-Internship program; especially how easy it is to use.

Deja Coffin, HR Assistant


Kansas City, KS

I don’t have to bring someone on and find out that it didn’t work. It worked and I went back and rehired her because it worked.

Stephanie Sharp, Owner

Sharp Connections

Leawood, KS

It’s giving us college students a chance to show you what we can do.

Courtney Tinkham

Class of 2023

Colby Community College / Fort Hayes State University

While these tasks may not be the best use of your time, highly-motivated college students across the state are excited to exceed your expectations!

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