Reinventing University Recruiting Post COVID-19

    Spend More Time Nurturing Relationships and Less Time Filtering Applicants

    The whole world has changed, so it's time to look at how we recruit early career professionals and build something that really works.

    With many campuses planning to re-open for fall, what remote recruiting practices should stay, what processes are in need of a refresh, and what "tried-and-true" programs are ready to be retired?

    This 27-minute webinar replay offers planning and considerations for a new year (and new era) of university recruiting.

    We share strategies to overcome top campus recruiting challenges like getting early access to talent, adopting DEI recruiting practices, assessing candidates for career-readiness, and converting candidates that stay for the long-term.

    After watching, you'll leave armed with an action plan to drive more awareness, attract more applicants, and convert more candidates to full-time hires.

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