Lead generation projects are the most common Micro-Internships posted on our platform, and for good reason. These projects allow busy Sales professionals to focus on what really matters - selling - rather than having to spend valuable time researching and sourcing leads.

In order to make sure these projects are completed successfully, Parker Dewey has compiled a working list of resources that Career Launchers can utilize to find and verify contact information. The resources below can be used for free or can be accessed with a free trial. Please note that if you decide to purchase access to any of these resources, Parker Dewey will not reimburse you.  

Sites to find and verify contact information:

While working on these projects, keep in mind:

  • Verified contact information, especially email addresses, is much more valuable to a Sales professional than information you think is correct
  • If you are struggling to find a specific contact, try to find someone that is in a similar role, company, industry, etc.

If you have a particularly helpful resources that you think we should add to this list, we'd encourage you to email us at support@parkerdewey.com!