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    Use this post as an opportunity to let your network and potential future employers know about what you accomplished during your Micro-Internship. If this is your first time sharing a post on LinkedIn, check out this step-by-step guide. Below are our recommendations for what to highlight in this post:

    Because posts with images tend to get more views and responses, we recommend downloading and including the below image in your post. 

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    To make it easy,  we've created the below templates to help you highlight what you accomplished during your Micro-Internship. All you need to do is copy and paste the selected template into your post and then make your changes. Pick whichever template fits best with your personal style and don't be afraid to make adjustments.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you haven't received permission to use the company name, find a way to describe them. For example, instead of Northrop Grumman, you could write 'multinational aerospace and defense technology company'.

    Long Version:

    Over the last (duration of project) I have been working as a Micro-Intern on (project title) at (company name). I am grateful that I was able to apply my skills in (?, ?, and ?) to a real-world project like this. Thank you to @Parker Dewey (follow these instructions if you're new to tagging on LinkedIn) and (name of your college) for facilitating and making it possible for me to find this Micro-Internship opportunity. 

    I highly recommend visiting the Parker Dewey website to learn more about how you can get a Micro-Internship. These flexible, short-term, professional, paid opportunities are a big win for students (Insert reason that this worked for you? For example, do you have a hectic schedule that wouldn't have allowed for a traditional internship?), like me.

    #recruitment #education2employment #microinternships #futureofwork #candidateexperience #workforcedevelopment


    Short Version:

    So excited I got to use my (?, ?, and ?) skills for (company name) and get paid for it! Thank you to @Parker Dewey  (follow these instructions if you're new to tagging on LinkedIn) for making Micro-Internships possible - I highly recommend: 

    #recruitment #education2employment #microinternships #futureofwork #candidateexperience #workforcedevelopment


    Examples from real Micro-Interns:




    Posting about your experience is just one way to make the most of your Micro-Internship. See our post-experience checklist for more!

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