The State of Campus Recruiting

    The Intersection of Diversity and Skills-Based Hiring

    As innovative companies seek to recruit top talent and create a competitive advantage, inclusive hiring practices are more important than ever before. Top talent doesn’t just hail from target schools or well-established internship programs. The best candidates often come from underrepresented communities, face barriers to achieving perfect GPAs, or simply can’t afford top programs—yet they have the skills, knowledge, and perseverance to succeed in the workplace.

    Enter skills-based hiring.

    This session explored the intersection of diversity and skills-based hiring, while drawing on recent data collected from college students on what they're looking for in skills-based experiences. 


    Hear perspectives from:


    Jeffrey Moss
    CEO & Founder at Parker Dewey



    Asha Aravindakshan
    Author of Skills: The Common Denominator


    Roy Moye
    Talent Acquisition Specialist at Spirit AeroSystems



    Sean McGowan
    Head of of Employer Engagement at ThriveDX



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