Micro-Internships provide benefits for both the student and your school. Students explore career paths while demonstrating their abilities and building a professional portfolio. These experiences enhance academic outcomes, drive enrollment success, and deepen relationships with employers and alumni.

Use these resources to engage with students across channels throughout the calendar year – and help drive Micro-Internship success for your school!

We’ve compiled messaging templates for all of your channels that reach student audiences. Messages include educational and background information, as well as action driving messaging to help get more students utilizing the Parker Dewey platform to find Micro-Internships.

All of this content is suggestions, and we encourage you to take just a few minutes to personalize for your community and brand.

When applicable we’ve included examples from other institutions that have worked. Once you launch your own campaigns, we’d love to see and share your success as well!

Finally, if you have any questions or additional ideas to add to this resource, we’d love your feedback and support.

What’s included:

  • Email Series to Students + Letter Template
  • Blurbs for inclusion in applicable media
  • Social Media examples with Creative Commons Zero Images
  • Blog and interview template examples
  • Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices – includes sample promotion schedule

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