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Featured 10-Hour Community-Designed Projects

Each of the projects below are expected to take a student about 10 hours to complete. Clicking the project name will take you over to the Parker Dewey platform and allow you to make edits before posting your project.

Data Clean-Up

Provide a student with a dataset and have them remove duplicates, update outdated records, and ensure there is consistent formatting.

Content Creation

Student will research and draft a short article/blog on a specific topic that you will provide. The student will reference outside sources in the article, and carefully edit the final product.

Email Marketing Campaign Development

Engage a student in developing a series of emails to help promote an upcoming initiative and drive engagement.

Social Media Engagement Feedback

Ask a student to review postings on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites that reference your company and then prepare a report summarizing key areas of feedback.

Post a Custom Project

Click on the link above to create your own project.  You can determine the project scope, deadlines, and other details. 


Please note that if your project is approved, Swarthmore's Lang Center will be providing the funding for this program.  Your organization will not receive an invoice.  When posting your project,

  • Please choose 10 or 20 hours based on how long you expect the project to take.
  • For the project's cost, use $125 for a 10-hour project or $250 for a 20-hour project.  These amounts may be adjusted based on the program's guidelines and budget.
If you need help, please reach out at colab@parkerdewey.com.