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TheDream.US has partnered with Parker Dewey to help Scholars connect with employers through professional Micro-Internship opportunities. Scholars from all majors can complete professional projects to build and demonstrate skills, explore a variety of career paths, earn income, and contribute to employers’ organizations.
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Career Launchers work on Micro-Internships while working on their degrees.
In preparation for launching your career, Micro-Internships provide a tremendous opportunity. Not only can you explore different career paths and work on interesting projects, you can also demonstrate your abilities to potential employers while building your resume and network. Beyond that, your academic experience will improve as you apply what is taught in the classroom to the real world (and vice versa).

Oh, did we forget to mention that you get paid for all of this? You will be paid as an independent contractor. DACA or TPS are not required.

You may use your work authorization or a valid ITIN to be paid as an Independent contractor.

How to obtain an ITIN: Immigrants Rising
How to renew an ITIN: IRS
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Prospective employers see Career Launchers in action on short-term roles.
Regardless of your role, industry, or organization size, TheDream.US Scholars can help. Our Scholars have the qualities employers seek – a strong work ethic, an ability to adapt, an eagerness to learn, and a determination to succeed that is borne out of their own stories of perseverance. They are often bi-lingual and bring multicultural perspectives that are critical to our businesses.

Hire TheDream.US Scholars for Micro-Internships to:
  • Get immediate help on projects because you or your team is overloaded
  • Expand your recruiting pool to access diverse talent with 21st century skills and the grit to succeed
  • Improve the effectiveness of your hiring efforts and lower the costs (and risks) associated with onboarding
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What Are Micro-Internships?

Micro-Internships are short-term, paid, professional projects that are similar to those given to new hires or interns. These projects enable Scholars and recent Graduates to demonstrate skills, explore career paths, and build their networks as they seek the right full-time role. Unlike traditional internships, Micro-Internships can take place year-round, typically range from 5 to 40 hours of work, and are due between one week and one month after kick-off. Micro-Internships are used by companies ranging from those in the Fortune 100 to emerging start-ups, and go across departments including sales, marketing, technology, HR, and finance. 


Micro-Internships are facilitated via the Parker Dewey platform, which connects Career Launchers with Companies in need of support.

How it Works

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Example Projects

Click through to view our library of completed Micro-Internship to get some ideas.