DreamBuilders Internship Program:

Information for Alumni wanting to Host an Intern

As a TheDream.US Alumni, you are invited to host a current TheDream.US Scholar as a paid intern at your place of work – at no cost to you. This unique opportunity allows you to mentor a Scholar and receive needed support on work projects.  TheDream.US provides the funding for all approved projects!  

To participate, Alumni must meet the following requirements:

  • Is a TheDream.US Alumni that works as an employee (at any organization) or business owner
  • Has dedicated time to provide a meaningful internship, which includes at minimum 1-hour biweekly meetings with the intern to provide training and mentorship (for the duration of the internship)
  • Create and post an internship posting on Parker Dewey (see Templates below). Read this Guide to correctly post an internship posting.

An internship experience must require between 40-200 hours. TheDream.US Scholars will be compensated a fixed fee based on $20 per estimated project hour. TheDream.US has partnered with Parker Dewey to power this program and manage the administration and payment to our Scholars - so it’s easy for you! 

Internship funds will be disbursed on a first-come, first-serve basis as long as funds are available. Alumni have a maximum budget of $4,500 per calendar year for Scholar internships.  This includes Parker Dewey's administrative fees.  To stay within the maximum budget, your total estimated hours from all internships must be no more than 200 hours.

IMPORTANT: TheDream.US Scholars who are selected for these opportunities do not complete a background check as part of their application. As a result, internships that require direct interaction with minors or other vulnerable populations are NOT eligible to be funded by this program.

How to Post an Internship

Click on the links below to see Micro-Internship templates that you can customize before posting. Read this Guide to correctly post an internship posting. If you have questions, complete the form at the bottom of this page, and a member of the Parker Dewey team will contact you.

IMPORTANT: You must identify "TheDream.US" in the Affiliations field to ensure that TheDream.US provides the funding for the internship/Micro-Internship opportunity.

For more information on the DreamBuilders Internship Program, click here.

Micro-Internship Templates

Click on the links below to see Micro-Internship templates that you can customize before posting. If you have questions or need help, complete the form above, and a member of the Parker Dewey team will reach out to you.

[She] is awesome, passionate and reliable! Would absolutely hire her again!

TheDream.US Micro-Internship Supervisor

He was supremely polite and professional. He worked carefully to communicate with us and ensure that our project's needs were met.

TheDream.US Micro-Internship Supervisor

He did a great job of creating a new, updated, and professional blog/website...working within my very tight budget.

TheDream.US Micro-Internship Supervisor

Frequently Asked Questions


A Micro-Internship is a short-term project that can typically be completed within 10-40 hours and is due within a few days to a few weeks. These projects can be completed by a college student with minimal instruction. These are important but low-risk tasks that create high-value professional experience for TheDream.US Scholars.


For this program, organizations must post opportunities that would take a TheDream.US Scholar at least 40 hours to complete.  You can bundle multiple, smaller projects together or have the Scholar complete a larger project.  When posting your opportunity, you can outline the project/projects that you have in mind so that TheDream.US Scholars who see the opportunities will know what to expect and apply if interested.


Due to funding from TheDream.US, all approved internships and Micro-Internships are at no-cost to your organization.  The Scholar you select will receive an equivalent of $20/hour upon completion of your opportunity. 


These projects are fixed-fee and the pricing is determined based on how long it historically has taken a student to complete a similar assignment.  If the scope of your opportunity increases beyond the estimated hours, please contact as soon as possible.


Thanks to TheDream.US and its partnership with Parker Dewey, all administrative burdens are handled by Parker Dewey including HR, administration and payroll.


Here are a few other details:

  • Employment: All Micro-internships on Parker Dewey are structured as independent contract work, which means successful applicants would be hired by Parker Dewey as independent contractors. Parker Dewey would be the employer on record and pay the Micro-Intern. Similar to working with a consulting firm or any other service provider, you are engaging Parker Dewey LLC to complete the project, and each individual you select is a contractor or employee of Parker Dewey. You can still directly interact with them as much or little as you would like.  You also have the opportunity to hire them directly without any costs or fees.  Any individual is eligible for these opportunities so long as they have a valid SSN or ITIN.
  • Liability: Parker Dewey takes on all the liability. If you are not happy with the work product, please let Parker Dewey know and you can select an alternate Scholar to complete the project. 
  • Work Product: All work product is owned by you. 
  • Confidentiality: While most projects involve public-facing information of a non-sensitive nature, both Parker Dewey and all students using the Parker Dewey platform (including TheDream.US Scholars) sign strict NDAs to protect your information.
  • Background Checks: Given the short-term nature and structure of these assignments, we do not conduct background checks. While companies are always welcome to conduct a background check directly, the nature of the specific assignments and lack of a direct relationship with the individual who is selected has caused most organizations to defer the background check until after a Micro-Internship is completed and a student is offered a traditional internship or full-time role.

Opportunities available through TheDream.US DreamBuilders Internship Program can be either on-site or virtual, depending on the specific requirements of the assignment. If possible, we suggest working with the student remotely as this provides more flexibility and accessibility.


The best Micro-Internships do not require hands-on management to be completed. Career Launchers on Parker Dewey have core skills and are highly motivated to exceed expectations. During the Micro-Internship, the project manager—whether a hiring manager, team lead, or another employee—can engage the student however is best including email, Zoom, etc.

Once you post your project, TheDream.US students will apply if they are interested.  You will receive an email each day that your project receives at least one application.
To select a student:
  • Log back into the Parker Dewey platform by clicking this link. If you do not remember your password, click on "Forgot password? Reset it" button.
  • Once you log in, click on Details underneath your project. Then select View Applicants.
  • Click Details next to each student to read more about each student's background and his/her answers to your application question(s).
  • Once you have made your selection, you can select Approve Applicant for This Project. If you want to send your student a message you can click Send Them a Message! to set up a time to do an interview or ask the student for more information.
If you have any questions about this, please reach out to  
When you select a student, both you and the student will receive an email with each other's contact information so that you can schedule a time to meet and kickoff the project.
During this on-boarding meeting, you can discuss the following:  
  • Communication: You and the student should schedule a kickoff conversation via  phone, Zoom/Skype, etc.  During this conversation, you can discuss how you want the student to communicate with you for the rest of the project.
  • Define Project and Expectations:  You will define the project, specifying the duration of the project. The student will confirm they understand the necessary tasks and action steps. 
  • Set Check-Ins:  You and the student will communicate to discuss questions or challenges of the project. You and the student will mutually agree upon frequency/schedule of check-ins.
  • Review: The project supervisor will review the project upon completion and offer feedback to the student.
We'll also send you additional resources via email so that your project goes as smoothly as possible including the contact information for a member of the Parker Dewey Client Success Team. You can reach out to that individual at any time if you need help with your project.
If you have any additional questions, please reach out to

More Questions?

TheDream.US DreamBuilders Internship Program is designed to support TheDream.US Scholars and alumni. 

These projects serve as a bridge to future employment opportunities and may help your organization find its next great hire, or just help you get support now!

To learn more, complete the form.

While these tasks may not be the best use of your time, highly-motivated TheDream.US Scholars nationwide are excited to exceed your expectations!

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