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    Parker Dewey Micro-Internships

    Students are encouraged to apply the teachings of this course to real-world experiences at their earliest ability. A recommended way to do so is with a Micro-Internship through Parker Dewey. These are short-term (typically 5-40 hours), often remote, flexible opportunities to gain real-world, project-based, paid experience in a wide range of industries and fields. Go to [UNIVERSITY LANDING PAGE] to learn more and set up your account.

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    Any / Launch / Fall or Spring semester


    Paid, flexible, real-world experience for students and recent grads

    [UNIVERSITY] is excited to announce a new opportunity for our students to take part in short-term, professional, paid work experiences through Micro-Internships. These project-centered experiences are perfect for students with hectic or irregular schedules - most can be completed remotely, typically involve 5 to 40 hours of work, and are deadline-driven as opposed to set during specific hours. Encourage your students to set up their profile through Parker Dewey (insert UNIVERSITY landing page link here) and start applying today!


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    Any / Fall or Spring semester


    Micro-Internship. Maximum impact.

    Do you know students or recent graduates who are looking for ways to:

    • Get professional work experience

    • Improve hiring potential

    • Network with companies

    • And make some extra cash?

    Encourage them to visit the [UNIVERSITY] Micro-Internship page to apply short-term, paid, professional assignments at companies and organizations looking for extra help.

    [Include the link to your Parker Dewey landing page]


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    September / Fall semester


    Experience Outside of Summer

    Do you get the feeling your students think summer is the only time for internships? Tell them to think again! Companies are looking for highly motivated [INSTITUTION] students and recent grads for short-term, PAID opportunities. Let them know they can start applying today at [UNIVERSITY LANDING PAGE]


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    Any / Fall or Spring semester


    Help your seniors gain the gift of perspective

    If you have a relationship with a senior who is graduating at the end of the semester but know they are struggling with identifying their post-graduate plans, encourage them to consider a Micro-Internship. Who knows? That paid, professional experience could turn into full-time work! Share this link with them to get started: [UNIVERSITY LANDING PAGE]





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