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Has campus recruiting changed at all in the last 40 years? Aside from inputting resumes on an iPad or the occasional "virtual" campus event to build employer brand, they look exactly as they did in 1980. The whole world has changed, so it's time to look at how we recruit early career professionals and build something that really works. 

Listen in as we share insights derived from the world's largest talent survey and companies innovating every aspect of their campus recruiting. 

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Join James Ellis, Director of Employer Brand at Universum, Nelida Garcia, Associate Director of Student Preparation at University of Chicago, and Jeffrey Moss, Founder and CEO of Parker Dewey for a discussion on reinventing university recruiting for the modern candidate. James, Nelida, and Jeffrey provide insights into what's working and what is not in current campus recruiting efforts. Plus, hear new strategies that are highly rated by students and staff alike. 

Hear perspectives from:


James Ellis

Director of Employer Brand

Jeffrey Moss

Jeffrey Moss
Founder and CEO
Parker Dewey


Nelida Garcia
Associate Director of Student Preparation
University of Chicago