You've Completed Your Project!

    Congratulations on completing your Micro-Internship!

    We hope it was a valuable experience, and are here to help if you're asking yourself the following questions:

    How do I let Parker Dewey know I'm done?

    When do I get paid?

    Will I get feedback?

    What should I do next?

    How do I let Parker Dewey know I completed the project?

    Once you've finished your project and carefully checked your work, the next step is to mark the project as completed in the Parker Dewey platform. To do this, navigate to the HIRED tab, then hit the DETAILS section to expand the project. From there, hit the button that says I COMPLETED THE ASSIGNMENT.

    Hitting this button will alert us at Parker Dewey, so we can confirm with your project supervisor. Once confirmed, we will make sure your pay is processed in the next payroll. 

    Completing the Project


    When do I get paid?

    Once the company has confirmed that the project is complete, you will be paid by Parker Dewey. Payroll is usually processed at the end of each month and released at the beginning of the following month. If you have questions about this, check out our payment FAQs or reach out to us at

    Will the project supervisor give me feedback?

    Your project supervisor has the ability to give you feedback. You can see feedback by logging into your Parker Dewey profile and selecting the COMPLETED tab.  Then select DETAILS next to the project that you completed.

    If you have not received feedback yet, you can click on the REQUEST FEEDBACK button to send a message to the project supervisor and request feedback (see screenshot below).

    Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 10.09.07 AM 


    If you have received feedback you will see something similar to the below screenshot when you click DETAILS (next to the project).

    Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 10.10.00 AM

    NOTE: This feedback will not be shared with any companies using the Parker Dewey platform.

    What should I do next?

    We want you to get the most you can out of your Micro-Internship experience, which is why we've created a Post Micro-Internship checklist.  By completing the action items on the checklist, you'll not only be professionally closing out the experience you've just had, but also setting yourself up for your next opportunity, whether that be another Micro-Internship or something longer-term.

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