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After reviewing thousands of open content specialist roles, we’ve identified the most common responsibilities outlined in content specialist job descriptions:

  • Conduct research to curate new and focused content
  • Write and edit content for company blog, sales, marketing materials, company events
  • Create content strategy and maintain editorial calendar
  • Organizational skills, writing proficiency, design and layout skills
  • Richly communicates: asks questions, probes, listens, responds

While these are specific responsibilities or requirements, what’s missing are the skills required to successfully execute them, which is especially important for entry-level hires who don’t have the professional track record and where GPA or major doesn’t demonstrate them. To help, we’ve worked with human capital leaders and marketing executives to map the underlying skills to the typical responsibilities below:



Conduct research to curate new and focused content Grit/Drive Research
Write and edit content for company blog, sales, marketing materials, company events and other cross functional needs Team Player Creativity
Create content strategy and maintain editorial calendar Attention to detail Analytical thinking
Organizational skills, writing proficiency, design and layout skills Decision making Problem solving
Richly communicates, asks questions, probes, listens and responds Communication Critical thinking

Many of these skills can’t be measured from a GPA, aren’t captured on a college student or recent grad’s resume, and can’t be assessed through an interview process, especially those Core Skills that often make the difference. In reality, the only way to evaluate these skills is when you see these candidates in action. Micro-Internships are a perfect, easy, low-risk and low investment way for employers to see candidates demonstrate these skills first hand.

Building upon this, we have crafted and tested a handful of Micro-Internships that not only provide hiring manager with immediate value, but also will help you uncover these skills:

Sample Projects

We would like you to research and write a 500-750 word blog post on a topic that will be provided on the kickoff call. Additionally, design a marketing campaign to push out your newly written content. Be sure to provide rationale for the various marketing channels chosen and how you would measure the success post campaign launch. Finally, assuming the launch is successful - briefly describe how you would adjust your marketing strategy to scale the campaign for a second iteration. 

We would like you to curate 15-20 publications for content we can re-purpose. The topic will be provided on the kickoff call. You will then draft social posts with a corresponding social media calendar and reference the content you sourced. Be sure to provide rationale for your social media platform of choice. 

We would like you to develop a brief case study on a recent success we have had with a client that we can use for marketing purposes and partnership reference. We will provide information on the recent success, and would you to draft a one-pager that highlights the customer’s problem, alternatives considered and why they chose to work with us and the positive impact of their decision. 

In order to help you pick the best candidate, you can also ask a question or two to screen the applicants - while not required, this is a great way to quickly learn about the candidates so you can select the best career launcher for your project. Here are the following we would recommend:

  • Why do you want to work on this project?
  • How would you approach this project?
  • Please share examples of your writing.
  • Are you available to accept an internship or full time role? Please only apply if you are interested in the full-time role or internship following this initial project.

While there may not be any “right” answer, these types of questions allow a Career Launcher to stand out by conveying an insightful perspective or passion for the role.

Assessing The Career Launcher

As highlighted above, these assignments are a great way for you to assess if a Career Launcher has the Core Skills that are required to be successful in this role. To help, we included a things to look for in what the Career Launcher provides. 

Download the full assessment here.

Win. Win.

The benefits are invaluable. As a result of the Micro-internship you will get:

  • Completion of valuable work that wasn't the best of time for you or others at your company
  • Identify and connect with candidates to move through your interview process for an internship or full-time opportunity
  • Save time (and money) on wasted interviews of individuals who are not the right fit
  • Aid in working towards your company’s diversity and employee retention initiatives

Of course this is not just limited to marketing roles. You can see some additional examples tied to other roles or departments here.

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