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We invite you to submit a project request to The GW Career Quest Micro-Internship pilot! Pre-pandemic, our Career Quest program offered GW students an exclusive opportunity to gain an up-close and personal experience with leading organizations in major cities through site visits.

Since the pandemic, we have continued to try to provide meaningful access to employers for our students. With this latest project, we would like to provide you the ability to supplement your workforce needs while giving a student the ability to complete a short term (approximately 10 hours), professional assignment at your company or organization.

Please only submit one project per organization. These opportunities are open to all current GW students. If you are looking to fund additional projects open to students and/or recent graduates, please click here.

The funding for these projects was made possible by the Luther Rice Society Advisory Council and The George Washington Center for Career Services.

Example Micro-Internships

Each of the projects below are expected to take a student about 10 hours to complete. Clicking the project name will take you to the Parker Dewey platform so you can customize and post your Micro-Internship.

Post a Custom Project

Click on the link above to create your own project.  You can determine the project scope, deadlines, and other details.  If you need help, please reach out at

Data Clean-Up

Provide a student with a dataset and have them remove duplicates, update outdated records, and ensure there is consistent formatting.

Presentation Refresh

Engage a student in updating a slide deck that you provide into a new template to give your presentation a fresh look.

Content Creation

When you have content ideas but no time for the first pass, look to the research and writing skills of college students.

User Experience Testing

Engage a student in conducting a comprehensive UX test of your website and provide suggestions for improvement.

Email Marketing Campaign Development

Engage a student in developing a series of emails to help promote an upcoming initiative and drive engagement.

Job Specifications Review

Make sure your company’s job descriptions are on par with the industry standard. Let a micro-intern analyze and compare this essential data.

Job Board Support

Have a student develop and manage the posting of five open positions including promoting it on social media and screening initial applicants.

Competitive Analysis

Are your competitors providing customer incentives that you’re not? Have a college student research and compare your product’s market.

Mystery Shopping

Is it difficult getting unbiased customer service feedback? Have a student anonymously record answers from your customer service team.

Social Media Engagement Feedback

Ask a student to review postings on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites that reference your company and then prepare a report summarizing key areas of feedback.

SWOT Analysis

Have a student identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for three companies within your company’s industry.

How it Works

Creating an account takes under 5 minutes, and Parker Dewey handles all admin!
Companies post paid projects
Companies post paid projects
Career Launchers Apply
GW students apply
Companies choose from candidates
Companies choose from applicants
Career Launcher does the work
The GW student does the work

Frequently Asked Questions

A Micro-Internship is a short-term project that can typically be completed within 5-40 hours and is due within a few days to a few weeks. These projects require no on-boarding and can be completed by a college student with minimal instruction. These are important but low-risk tasks that aren’t the best use of your time.

In short, it’s easy as Parker Dewey handles it all.  No HR burdens. No conversion fees. No questions about ownership or worries about confidentiality.


  • Employment: Micro-Interns are not your employees, contractors, interns, temps, or freelancers. Similar to working with a consulting firm or any other service provider, you are engaging Parker Dewey LLC to complete the assignment, and each individual you select is a contractor or employee of Parker Dewey. You can still directly interact with them as much or little as you would like, and always have the opportunity to hire them directly without any costs or fees.
  • Liability: We’re mission-driven and believe in the power of creating opportunities. That said, we take on all the liability. Not happy with the work product? We’ll give you a full refund or find an alternate Career Launcher. 
  • Work Product: All work product is owned by you. 
  • Confidentiality: While most projects involve public-facing information of a non-sensitive nature, both Parker Dewey and all Career Launchers sign strict NDAs to protect your information. In addition to the standard provisions, the students understand that they are risking their academic transcript or expulsion for any violation of confidentiality.
  • Background Checks: Given the short-term nature and structure of these assignments, we do not conduct background checks. While companies are always welcome to conduct a background check directly, the nature of the specific assignments and lack of a direct relationship with the individual who is selected has caused most organizations to defer the background check until after a Micro-Internship is completed and a student is offered a traditional internship or full-time role.

Micro-Internships are not meant to replace traditional internship programs but rather complement and even supplement them. Due to their short-term nature, Micro-Internships can be used year-round to find on-demand project support while simultaneously allowing you to engage and evaluate potential talent.

Micro-Internships can be either on-site or virtual, depending on the specific requirements of the project. We typically suggest remote, as this provides more flexibility and accessibility.

The best Micro-Internships do not require hands-on management to be completed. Career Launchers on Parker Dewey have core skills and are highly motivated to exceed expectations. During the Micro-Internship, the project manager—whether a hiring manager, team lead, or another employee—can engage the student however is best including email, Zoom, etc.

Our Client Program team is dedicated to making sure that it's as easy to hire one Micro-Intern as it is to hire 100. Contact us to learn more about Micro-Internship programs.

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