Micro-Internships and Liberal Arts Students

    While liberal arts students have a wide range of skills, they sometimes struggle to determine where and how they can be applied in the workplace. As has been highlighted by Lori Sparger, the Chief Operating Officer of Purdue University's College of Liberal Arts,

    "Many of our students pursue majors with names that don’t sound like job titles—this [Micro-Internships] helps them understand how the skills developed in philosophy, history, and other courses relate to those jobs they will have after graduation."


    The impact on early-career recruiting: It’s widely recognized that a significant portion of today’s graduates will someday work in a role that doesn’t exist yet. Specified training for a job of the future is impossible to do, but a liberal arts education does the work of producing well-rounded, inquisitive, critical thinkers capable of tackling whatever the next frontier for your organization will entail.

    So how can companies start building relationships with liberal arts students? Join us for a 30-minute session, where we'll cover how connecting with these students benefits companies and talent alike. 

    About our panelists:

    Melanie Garcia


    Melanie Garcia

    Class of 2024 English Major with a concentration in Literature, Wesleyan University


    Brian Wallace


    Brian Wallace
    Founder of NowSourcing -  Infographic Expert | Google Board Member


    Danielle Rueger-Miroewski_Headshot


    Moderated by:

    Danielle Rueger-Miroewski
    Partner Engagement Specialist at Parker Dewey


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    This webinar was recorded on February 9, 2023

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