Micro-Internships and Target Demographics

    These webinar events highlight how Parker Dewey's flexible, paid, projects make it easy to access and engage often hard-to-reach populations.
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    Demographic_ First Generation Students

    First-Generation Students

    Recap - September 2023

    Demographic_ Liberal Arts Students-2

    Liberal Arts Students

    Recap - February 2023

    Demographic_ Nontraditional Students

    Nontraditional Students

    Recap - October 2022

    Demographic_ Student Athletes


    Replay - Spring 2021

    We actually had students that we found through the Parker Dewey platform that we would never have gotten from our traditional way of recruitment.

    Alison Keefe

    Director of Emerging Talent


    You only have 20 hours, you learn pretty quickly about a company. There’s no formal training, you’re picking up as you go and building those relationships on fast forward.

    Yonas Keal

    Class of 2024

    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

    Chris Gros
    There's a hunger with folks that are doing these Micro-Internships because they're eager to come in and show what they can do.

    Chris Gros

    Vice President, Talent

    NT Concepts

    Cathy Francois
    "Opportunities like this (Micro-Internships) work for our very diverse adult working population."

    Cathy Francois

    Director of Career Programming

    University of Maryland Global Campus

    Melanie Garcia
    "The great thing about Micro-Internships is that even if you don't think you're qualified, or you don't have the skills, these are the very opportunities to learn skills."

    Melanie Garcia

    English Major

    Wesleyan University

    Brian Wallace
    "The world needs thinkers - people who know how to think and interpret all this. We could talk about ChatGPT all day, but if you don't have humans to power the creativity on it, there's a whole realm of creative knowledge that's left off the table."

    Brian Wallace



    Ashley Rodriguez_Circular Head Shot_First Generation Webinar
    “When it comes to exploring careers and building experiences, Parker Dewey is such an invaluable resource for first-generation students… It’s short-term and a unique opportunity to sample various career paths before committing to a full-time role.”

    Ashley Rodriguez

    First-Generation Student

    Florida International University

    Jared Rhue
    "The Micro-Interns that I selected… I trained them and they did a tremendous job. Very low lift on my side… They blew my expectations out of the water in terms of how fast they got the project done."

    Brian Wallace

    Revenue and Demand Generation Specialist