Becoming a high-performing team or organization is more than implementing a new process or initiative. Simply launching another program without vision, purpose, connection, meaning, communication, and belief makes it just another program. People see it for what it is. And the chances that you will be able to move the organization forward are pretty slim.

As an organization, how do you make sense of technology, culture, innovation, performance, the talent marketplace, demographics, and the need to deliver results?

In Oracle's The Chemistry of High Performance (available free, online), author Pamela Stroko provides a review of new ideas, novel approaches, and applications that are helping organizations move forward in creating great cultures, finding great people, and living their values. One such approach is incorporating Micro-Internships into your entry-level hiring process. 

Download an excerpt of the report, The Chemistry of High Performance: Understanding the Periodic Table of Elements, featuring Parker Dewey below.