Parker Dewey+ Overview

    Learn about Parker Dewey's exciting new partnership option.

    Introducing Parker Dewey+

    For over 8 years, Parker Dewey has been honored to partner with postsecondary institutions and nonprofits to engage students, employers, alumni and others via paid Micro-Internships.  We've also had countless conversations where we've heard about the resources and data you need to help your program succeed. 

    Based on this feedback, we are excited to launch Parker Dewey+, a premium level of partnership, launching Summer 2024.  

    During this 1-hr webinar, members of the Parker Dewey team introduced the new tools and functionalities available with  Parker Dewey+.  A few examples include:

    • An administrative dashboard
    • The ability to view student profiles
    • On-demand data access
    • Employer engagement support


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