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Learn about this unique program that will help you get more done now, while funneling talent into your pipeline.

SJR State's Micro-Internship program.

St. Johns River State College is excited to announce an innovative way for our community of businesses to connect with highly-motivated SJR State students and recent grads via short-term, paid professional projects.

Micro-Internships for Employers: Professional, On-Demand, Effective

St. Johns River State College has partnered with Parker Dewey to connect our students/grads with these opportunities.  Plus, thanks to a generous grant, you can now engage SJR State students in 15-hour paid Micro-Internships at no-cost to you!

Please join SJR State staff and members of the Parker Dewey team to hear: 

  • an overview on how Micro-Internships work,
  • examples of the types of projects students can complete, and
  • how these paid, short-term projects create equitable access to professional careers in our community. 


For more information, and to get started, visit: 

Watch the replay on demand!

This webinar was recorded on December 13, 2023.

Prefer to learn about Micro-Internships live? Join Parker Dewey at their monthly webinar demonstration.

Frequently Asked Questions


A Micro-Internship is a short-term project that can typically be completed within 10-40 hours and is due within a few days to a few weeks. These projects require no on-boarding and can be completed by a college student with minimal instruction. These are important but low-risk tasks that aren’t the best use of your time.


Thanks to the generous support of the Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation, all 15-hour Micro-Internships that are part of this program are available at no cost to your organization so long as you select a student a qualifying student.

The student receives $300 upon completion of your 15-hour project which is funded by the Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation.

If you have a longer project in mind, when posting your project you can adjust the hours and compensation based on your project's needs, and Parker Dewey will invoice you the difference.  


In short, it’s easy as Parker Dewey handles it all.  No HR burdens. No conversion fees. No questions about ownership or worries about confidentiality.

Employment: Micro-Interns are not your employees, contractors, interns, temps, or freelancers. Similar to working with a consulting firm or any other service provider, you are engaging Parker Dewey LLC to complete the assignment, and each individual you select is a contractor or employee of Parker Dewey. You can still directly interact with them as much or little as you would like, and always have the opportunity to hire them directly without any costs or fees.

Liability: We’re mission-driven and believe in the power of creating opportunities. That said, we take on all the liability. Not happy with the work product? We’ll give you a full refund or find an alternate Career Launcher. 

Work Product: All work product is owned by you. 

Confidentiality: While most projects involve public-facing information of a non-sensitive nature, both Parker Dewey and all Career Launchers sign strict NDAs to protect your information. In addition to the standard provisions, the students understand that they are risking their academic transcript or expulsion for any violation of confidentiality.

Background Checks: Given the short-term nature and structure of these assignments, we do not conduct background checks. While companies are always welcome to conduct a background check directly, the nature of the specific assignments and lack of a direct relationship with the individual who is selected has caused most organizations to defer the background check until after a Micro-Internship is completed and a student is offered a traditional internship or full-time role.


Micro-Internships are not meant to replace traditional internship programs but rather complement and even supplement them. Due to their short-term nature, Micro-Internships can be used year-round to find on-demand project support while simultaneously allowing you to engage and evaluate potential talent.


Micro-Internships can be either on-site or virtual, depending on the specific requirements of the project. We typically suggest remote, as this provides more flexibility and accessibility.


The project manager will be a member of your team, whether that be a hiring manager, team lead, or another employee. At the start of the project, they will clarify specific expectations and share the information/materials necessary for your Micro-Intern to complete the project. From there, they can engage the student in whatever way works best, whether that be email, Zoom, etc. Because Career Launchers on Parker Dewey have core skills and are highly motivated to exceed expectations, they require minimal management.


Our Client Program team is dedicated to making sure that it's as easy to hire one Micro-Intern as it is to hire 100. Contact us to learn more about Micro-Internship programs.