Get help developing an engaging social media strategy with competitive insights!

When you need social media support but aren't sure where to start, look to the experts from the National Institute for Social Media. This pre-defined project helps to accomplish strategic initiatives for using social at your organization and can be completed by highly motivated college students and recent grads.

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What You Get:

The Career Launcher you select will evaluate the social media and PR efforts of five competitors and your channels. The review will include the competitors' presence on social media, recent press coverage, and recent press releases. You'll receive a summary of the findings and recommendations including: who to follow, customer targets, potential partners or advocates, and suggested messaging.

How It Works:

  1. Complete the form to post the project
  2. Select a candidate from our network of highly motivated Career Launchers
  3. Provide competitor list and any additional details to kick-off the project

Then move on to other projects while a highly motivated college student or recent grad gets to work!


$400 - no processing fees or paperwork!

National Institute for Social Media

This project was created and approved by the National Institute for Social Media, the industry leading standard for social media certification. 

After receiving this data, you may consider posting follow-up projects such as: develop a content calendar, creating a campaign, or identifying customer service opportunities. See the complete list of NISM projects for more ideas!