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    Select a format to see details and view/download. These materials promote Parker Dewey's monthly FAQ Webinars, monthly Office Hours, and our regularly scheduled 'Create Your Own Opportunities' webinars. If you would like to schedule a webinar exclusively for your students, please reach out to the partnerships team for a review of our presentation policy.







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    You’re Invited! Learn how you can get Paid, Flexible, Real-World Experience

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    Single sided flyer alerting students to upcoming Parker Dewey events and how to register. These events are repeated regularly, so this flyer can stay posted year-round.

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    If you have a busy schedule, but need professional experience and could use some extra cash, you’re going to want to make time to learn about Parker Dewey Micro-Internships! Check out [link to your landing page] for more information, or join Parker Dewey to learn more at one of their upcoming events:

    FAQ Webinar: This webinar covers how to apply for these paid, professional experiences! (Register at

    Office Hours: Have a profile already? Get it reviewed by Parker Dewey staff. (See Details/Join at

    'Creating Your Own Opportunities' Webinar: Learn how to reach out to specific companies you're interested in. (Register at

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    Looking for a way to get paid, real-world experience, but don't have time for a traditional internship? #ParkerDewey has you covered! Join Parker Dewey at one of their upcoming events to learn how a Micro-Internship can help you launch your career! 🚀  (link with registration details in bio)

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