Your Network

    There are more people and resources in your network than you may realize, and many of them would be happy to help should you run into an obstacle with your Micro-Internship.


    If you have taken or are currently taking a class that is relevant to your Micro-Internship, consider reaching out to the professor and asking for their advice. This can be a great way to stay connected to faculty who may have some helpful insights to share.



    Many universities offer platforms and other resources to help you connect to alumni. These alumni are often experts in their fields who want to give back to current students. Reach out to your university Career Services or Alumni Association to see what mentoring services are available.


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    Not only can you ask for help if you have any questions, but we also have a range of resources, including a Career Launcher Tutorial, as well as checklists, to help you be successful during and after your Micro-Internship. 

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    Your Micro-Internship Supervisor

    Yes, you can (and should) reach out to your Micro-Internship Supervisor if you have questions. As long as you've made an effort to find answers on your own first, you shouldn't hesitate to ask for additional context, guidance, or resources as needed.

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    Your Supervisor

    Your network is one of the many resources available to you during your Micro-Internship journey. We have tips and resources for every step of the way!

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