The information and links on this page are your guide to assist in designing a remote internship program. Offering this kind of opportunity can be just as effective as a traditional on-site program. When you need help managing your workload, hiring remote interns can be a low-risk and affordable way to get the extra help you need with fundamental tasks. Click through and repurpose these downloadable resources per your company’s needs and policies and be sure to check back as we update our list with new content and information.

Downloadable Resources for Managing Remote Internships

Intern Remote Work Policy Template
This template should be considered as a starting point to setting up your remote intern policies. As you prepare to engage any new remote interns, use this template to set up basic work from home policies. 

Onboarding Remote Interns

This downloadable checklist is designed to help your intern transition into working for your company. It will help you ensure a structured onboarding process when hiring any new interns so that all parties are set up for a successful start. 

Working From Home Tips (email template)

Share these work from home tips when onboarding your remote interns to help them understand best practices for working remotely with your company. This content can be downloaded and altered for your company.

Supervising Remote Interns

Just as in an office setting, your remote interns will need guidance in order to be successful and understand what is expected of them. This guide sets some basic expectations and rules that will help you manage them effectively. 

Remote Intern Evaluation

This scorecard template ensures open lines of communication and feedback with your remote intern for the length of the internship program. Adapt this downloadable template to help ongoing coaching and conversations. 

Additional Resources

Project Ideas For Your Intern

Visit our Parker Dewey Micro-Internship Project Library for ideas on assignments that will help you generate project ideas for your remote internship program. You can also use Micro-Internships if you are looking to assess interns before offering them a full internship, for inspiration on short-term projects, or for tasks to assign to your remote interns.

Tips for Bringing Your Internship Remote

As many companies face hard decisions around summer internships, we wanted to share some of the best practices we know for taking these programs remote.

CCWT: What to do about internships in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

The global pandemic is likely affecting your on-site internship plans for this year. This resource from The Center for Research on College-Workforce Transitions, UW-Madison provides guidance for students, career service professionals, and employers that are looking for alternative ways to pivot to virtual internship opportunities.

At Parker Dewey, we are uniquely positioned to share our expertise when interns are unable to complete internships on-site. We can now help you manage remote internships. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us.


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